MATRIX GLOBAL INVESTMENT PTY LTD is a company dedicated for real estate investment, business investment, real estate marketing, real estate development, as well as overseas study and immigration.

Since the establishment of the company, and strive to Australia local and overseas customers to provide the best quality service. Including immigration counseling, immigration agents, and to provide customers with the best real estate properties and the most reasonable portfolio of assets. So that our customers can enjoy the most intimate service. Whether you are in China, or in Australia or about to land into Australia, we will be your most solid backing.

With the help of Australia's unique geographical location, a sound legal system and a healthy and stable investment environment. Through the collective efforts of all employees continue to grow. We currently have three professional and energetic teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast. We have helped many customers who need immigrants and investors to complete their wishes, so there is a very good reputation in the industry.

The team is made up of Australian licensed real estate agents, immigration lawyers, accountants and lawyers. Each member has the professional knowledge and experience to ensure that our customers enjoy the best service in our company. We will provide our customers with the most professional advice, as well as all the follow-up services. Whether you are looking for an investment product or an individual or family migration program, Matrix Global will be your most solid support.

Adhering to the customer first business principles and integrity and pragmatic service concept, in the process of strengthening the continuous improvement of the company management system to improve the team's professional service level. And the team will take the interests of the customer as the first criterion, the customer needs to be responsible, dedicated to provide professional, efficient and personalized service. Whether you are going to meet the new level of finance in the investment process or are ready to open a new course in Australia, we believe that Matrix Global will always be with you to witness the dream with you!

Professional and Responsible Team

Meticulous service division, professional team to provide high quality professional advice.

Assurance of Confidence

Australian licensed real estate agent and Australian registered immigration agent for your investment and immigration all-round gatekeeper.

Quality After-Sales Service

Whether you have any problems in the process of investment or immigration, the company team will accompany you from beginning to end.

Solid Partnership

Members of the alliance, including business lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, loan companies, Australian banks, translators and other industry elite, to ensure that customers in every step of Australia are taking the right.


Find Your Best House For Life

Real estate development and investment, immigration study, new immigrant business.

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