【Matrix Global@Melbourne】Your property manager

【Matrix Global@Melbourne】Your property manager

【Matrix Global@Melbourne】Your property manager


We are pleased to welcome you as our valued client!

Things you need to know as a landlord

1. By law, every residential property must have smoke alarms installed.

2. Testing of gas heaters and appliances every 2 years protects from carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. Landlord insurance can provide plenty of benefits for short term rental, long term rentals and holiday homes.

Cost involved

Leasing feeThis is the initial and once off cost for finding a new tenant, to be charged at the beginning of each tenancy agreement.

Releasing Fee —It is an administration fee, for process lease extension when existing tenants wish to renew or extend their tenancy contract.

Management Fee —An ongoing management fee which is deducted out of the rent before being transferred to your nominated bank account.

Other Expense —These may include statement fee, property key cut and any tribunal attendance fee.

Statement fee- it is an administration fee, for process monthly& end of financial year statement.

We don’t have any other hidden cost! That’s all we charge(please refer to our schedule of charges, other charges may apply)


Users manual

ongoing service

-Monthly cheque posted to landlord, or EFT to landlord’s nominated bank account.

-Notify the landlord of any maintenance required at the property

-Pay any rate or accounts as requested by the landlord

-ongoing 6 monthly periodic inspections (landlord advised& invited), together written report

-Renegotiate new lease and rent servicing lost time/ income at lease end.

-Servicing appropriate notices to tenants in compliance with Residential Tenancy Act 1997-Landlords have information access 24/7 (rent paid to date, landlord ledger, condition report, routine inspection report)


After acceptance procedures

-Tenant notified to immediately pay bond, first month rental and sign leases(within 24 hours)

-Lease agreement prepared and signed

-Bond lodged with Residential Tenancy Bond Authority

-Complete Condition Report



-Provide marketing/ advertising recommendations

-Take external and internal photographs

-Erect a “6*4” For lease board at the property

-Property will go live on leading websites including

realestate.com.au& domain.com

-Conduct open for inspections minimum twice a week

-Calling invest after open for inspections& providing feedback from tenants


Pre Acceptance Checks

-Tenant qualification& suitability for property on initial enquiry

-Previous landlord/ agents confirmation of reliability& exit condition

-Current employer- present& future security of employment

-Rental affordability

-Reference checks

All applications checked and discussed with Landlord. The landlord is making the final decision.