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41-49 Bank Street, South Melbourne
Domain House Apartment

Investment Prospects

Domain House International Apartment

Has a high investment value in the South Melbourne area

The studio has a 6.8% rental income and 2-room apartment has a 5.0% rental income.

Average rental income is 6.0%, ranking first in Victoria

60% city renters have strong demand for product

There are also a large number of potential tenants

Allow you have a peace and 
comfortably living experience.


Geographic Location

Domain House,South Melbourne,VIC is adjacent to the south bank of the Yarra River 
The east-side is Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens.

The west is 
prosperous South Melbourne market, 

North is the Yarra River and the National Gallery of Victoria.

Admire Melbourne's intoxicating nights, stroll through parks, golf courses, aerobics.

• Mac Robertson Girls High School - 750 meters

• Flinders Street Railway Station - 2.5 km

• Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium - 1.8 km

• Royal Botanic Gardens - 800 m

• National Gallery of Victoria - 1.3 km

• Alexandra Garden Park - 1.4 km

•Albert Park-1.2km

• 10 minutes walk to the famous Crown Casino and entertainment facilities

• 15 minutes walk to world-class restaurants on the South Bank (including Rockpool, Nobu & Rosetta)

• Emporium and downtown shopping area: 10 minutes by car

• South Melbourne Village: about 5 minutes walk

• DFO South Wharf - 1.4 km

• 8 minutes drive to major shopping malls such as Woolworths and South Melbourne Market

• Only 4.3 km from the University of Melbourne

• Only 3.3 km from Royal Institute of Technology RMIT University

▲ Human and Nature

Program Features

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is situated on the banks of the beautiful Yarra River, just 800 metres from the Domain House.

Covering an area of ​​40 hectares, the botanical garden is the best botanical gardens in the world.
The park has more than 12,000 plants and a large number of rare plants and native Australian plants.

The woods are verdant, grassy,
and someone say it is one of Melbourne's most "luxury" gardens.

Royal Botanical Garden

Melbourne has the reputation of “garden city”,

Albert Park is picturesque, Melbourne circuit is flying around the park,

so in the 16 races of F1, the scenery of this area is the most beautiful.

Albert Park is also wellknown as the most beautiful racing venue in the world.

The Domain House is only 1.2 km from the famous Albert parkF1 racing venue.

For those people who love F1 racing, Domain House is your first choice!

Albert Park Raceway

▲ Urban and Nature


Domain House is located next to Melbourne’s transportation hub Flinders Railway Station.

All of Melbourne's train lines can be reached here, and the traffic is extremely convenient.

Flinders Street Railway Station - 2.5 km

Southern Cross Railway Station - 2.6 km Flinders Railway Station

Southern Cross Railway Station

Planning a new train route

Key infrastructure has also been upgraded

Domain House is a 6-minute walk from the entrance to the underground station and the existing tram stop.

▲ convenient transportation, extending in all directions


Domain House is close to Melbourne's Royal Institute of Technology which is Australia's number one Melbourne University and the highest employment rate in Australia.

A 6-minute walk to Melbourne's first girls' high school, Mac Robertson Girls High School.

A strong academic environment and world-leading quality of education.

Mac Robertson Girls High School-750 m

Royal Institute of Technology RMIT University (Melbourne Campus) - 3.3 km

University of Melbourne - 4.3 km from University of Melbourne

Royal Institute of Technology RMIT University

▲ Well-Known Universities

Life, Entertainment, Shopping

The Domain House is just a short walk from the shopping centre, Crown Casino and great restaurants.

A 10-minute drive to the mall and downtown shopping district, 15 minutes walk to the world-class world-class restaurants on the South Bank, 10 minutes walk to Crown Casino and entertainment facilities

Crown Casino

Rock Pool Restaurant

DFO South Pier

▲ International Fashion, Leading the Frontier

Community Planning

Living in the Domain House apartment, backed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, you can enjoy the charm of nature.

Breathe in the fresh air and experience the avant-garde unique design and amazing natural scenery.

Melbourne's architectural style and exquisite design details give you an extraordinary luxury experience.

Smart concierge service, Japanese style lobby, landscaped garden, lounge area with fireplace, private resident restaurant, sky terrace,

360 degree panoramic view, serene yoga room and gorgeous resident lounge. The combination of intelligence and classics gives you an unprecedented experience.

▲Landscape Facilities Renderings

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