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1102 Stud Rd Rowville VIC
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The Stud Park Residence就是这样一个地方,一切您需要的仅几分钟路程。
It's important to be able to find activities you enjoy and the things you need near to where you live. 
Instead of running around town trying to find a great gym or group of good shops, 
the Stdu Park Residence provides you with everything you need just a few minutes away.

Enjoy fun and fitness at top notch recreational facilities

如果您热爱打高尔夫球,那么The Stud Park Residence 将是您的不二选择。
Waverley 高尔夫俱乐部及Kingston Links 高尔夫球场都在那附近,您可以在空闲时间打一场高尔夫球,
If you like to play golf, the Stud Park Residence is certainly the place for you!
With both the Waverley Golf Club and Kingston Links Golf Course located so close by, 
it's easy to get in a around of golf in your free time or even the whole can enjoy a weekend 
relaxing at the parkland bike paths.
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Kingston Links 高尔夫球场
Kingston Links Golf Club
Kingston Links 是一个极好的全年高尔夫球场,拥有郁郁葱葱的圣安娜沙发球道,
Kingston Links is a superb year round golf course featuring lush santa an couch fairways, 
undulatinng bent grass greens,  water hazards coming in to play on most holes and spectacular 
views and vistas throughout all 18 holes. Measuring 6178 metres from the mens tees, 
this par 72 layout welcomes competition and social players 7 days a week with excellent value 
green fee rates available all year round. 

Find your favourite shops

It's so relaxing just to stroll along and window shop. 
With several shopping centres in the immediate area, you won't need a 
specific reason to get out and go shopping. Easily find the perfect gift for an 
upcoming event, a great new outfit, or simply browse around. 
You never know what you might find!
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An incredible place to live

至此,您很卡能已经可以描绘出今后与家人在Stdu Park Residence 的美好生活。
您会爱上您的新家-Stdu Park Residence。
By now, You are likely fairly aware of how incredible life can be at the Stud Park Residence. 
It's more than just a house, It's your future home.
The place where you will rest after long days at work, where you will celebrate important milestones, 
and where you will creat many happy memories. Your new home awaits you at the-
Stud Park Residence.

还在寻寻觅觅吗?完美的配套设施,一流的学校和便捷的交通,Stud Park Residence不容错过。
Stdu Park Residence将会成为您和您家人的完美家园。
With fantastic local amenities, great schools, and easily accessible public reansportation, 
the Stud Park Residence is amazing find.
It's a home that will quickly become your absolute favourite place to be, 
and one that you will enjoy coming back to each day. 
Don't hesitate to learn more - you will quickly discover 
why the Stud Park Residence is the perfect home for you and your family.
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